The podcast is in Swedish, but sometimes we have international guests and make a full episode in English. These are listed here, but can also be subscribed to from separate iTunes and Spotify links.

  • #86 Kalabalik 2022
    It’s time for our recap of this year’s highlights from Kalabalik på Tyrolen. Interviews with Roya, Riki, Catherine Moan, and Les Trucs, as well as our own impressions of a great festival. Listen here, or at Spotify and iTunes Ladda ner det här avsnittet som MP3.
  • #70 Kalabalik på Tyrolen 2021
    We finally get to experience live music again – and we couldn’t ask for a better place to do it. Our favorite, best festival in the world: Kalabalik på Tyrolen! We sit down with Rue Oberkampf, Sex Kino, and Schluss Licht to talk about their gigs, and how it has been to make music without ...
  • #53 Livmødr
    In this weird world we are living in right now we figured you need something to brighten your day.  In our 53rd episode we got to hangout with Laura Morgan also known as Livmødr. We spoke about her growing up on the Isle of Man, her obsession with keytars and we also got an insight ...
  • #43 Kalabalik 2019
    Join us when we visit the bestest little festival in Sweden – Kalabalik – deep in the dark forests of Småland – a place we call Swedens Texas. We chat with Rex Pistols, Avi Roig, and Minuit Machine.
  • #41 Eskil Simonsson
    We are back with an English episode to give outsiders a chance to listen to our interview with Covenant’s Eskil Simonsson, and to discover new Swedish electronic music. Eskil tells us about Covenant’s humble beginnings, what Futurepop really is, all about Fieldworks Exkursion EP, and upcoming tour and album plans. With music by Minuit Machine, ...
  • Kaelan Mikla - The Blue Monday Interview
    Icelandic postpunk female trio Kaelan Mikla were in Stockholm for a live show, and we got the opportunity to sit down for a minute and talk about Iceland, music, Robert Smith and much more. Download episode here:
  • #27 Kalabalik 2018
    We are back with a rare English episode, in which we talk about the magical little electronic music festival Kalabalik på Tyrolen in southern Sweden. On the bill were, among others Dive, Visitor, Ploho, Vanligt Folk, Position Parallèle, and the very first performance of Iceland act Hatari outside their native icy island. We meet up with ...
  • #12 Douglas McCarthy
    In our first ever English episode, we have a living legend in our studio: Douglas McCarthy, legendary vocalist in Nitzer Ebb, Fixmer/McCarthy and most recently Black Line. We discuss his influences, what he was up to during Nitzer Ebb’s hiatus, and how skateboarding was behind the formation of the band. We also met up with ...